August 2016 Meeting

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Event Summary

On August 16, 2016 over 70 Christian marketplace and ministry leaders came together to connect at The Barnabas Group San Diego meeting at the Handlery Hotel. They heard first hand from Wendy Daily, Opal Singleton, Tina Ramirez amazing testimonies to what God is doing in their sphere of influence.

Our Keynote Speaker, Dr. David Levy, presented on, “The Neuroscience of Faith”.

Congressman Trent Franks was also our Keynote Speaker who challenged us to consider how to handle our faith especially how he is: “Handling my faith while serving in Washington D.C.”.

Ministry Presentations

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Tina Ramirez

Help One Walk
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John Mullen

International Sanctuary – Video
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Wendy Daily

Million Kids
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Opal Singleton

Keynote Presentations

Handling my Faith while serving in Washington D.C.
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Trent Franks

The Neuroscience of Faith
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Dr. David Levy

Why The Barnabas Group?
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Jenifer Page

Event Handout