Dynamic Church Planting International

Dynamic Church Planting

Christ-Centered, Bible-Teaching Leader
We will work only with those church planting leaders who are Christ-centered and Bible-teaching.

We will have compassion for church planting leaders, their families, churches and associations.

Reproductive Training
We will use materials and teaching techniques that trained leaders can reproduce.

We will work to increase the effectiveness of churches, missions, associations, and denominations in planting dynamic churches.

Evangelism and Discipleship
We will strive to help plant churches that reach people for Christ and disciple them.

We will seek to multiply the planting and establishing of churches with those whom we serve.

We will be loyal to Christ, the church, one another and our church planting mission.

We are committed to intercede for one another and our families, for church planting leaders, and to pray for the expansion of Christ’s kingdom through new churches.

Dynamic Church Planting International

Location: Oceanside, CA
Contact: Paul Becker
Telephone: 760-940-2640
Website: http://www.dcpi.org

For TBG’s Ministry Report in PDF format, go to:

www.barnabasgroup.org/uploads/document_library/tbg-files/TBG Ministry Report Dynamic Church Planting.pdf