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The Barnabas Group members responded to Forest Home’s invitation for urgent help after a flash flood, and before critical financial impact occurred.

Forest Home reached out to The Barnabas Group (“TBG”) for urgent help in 2010. A flash flood had hit the camp which straddles two creeks. Both creeks were raging out of their banks, causing excessive erosion which was endangering the stability of the suspension bridge that connects the two halves of their camp.

Although the rainstorm had passed, Forest Home needed a D10 bulldozer to fix the damage and prevent further damage from occurring. If they did not get the project completed before the county arrived, Forest Home was advised that they would be closed down until the county could complete the project several weeks from that point in time. The financial impact on the non-profit organization would have been critical.

Forest Home needed to be connected with a D10 contractor who could start the project immediately, and who would also give them a discounted rate. TBG reached out to its members immediately, and was able to connect Forest Home with a contractor who arrived within 24 hours and completed the project for a fraction of the estimated cost!

Paul La Canfora, the Director of Buildings and Grounds for Forest Home, recently reached out to TBG with an update. He advised that the contractor did such a thorough job widening the creek beds, that the camp was able to continue running without issue when another flash flood hit the camp just a few months ago. He stated “We thanked God then, and we thanked Him and the operator again just 60 days ago. The TBG network’s impact continues to be greatly appreciated here at Forest Home.”

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