Bob Buford never intended to start an organization. But in his 40s, while still flying high in business, success began to lose its luster. A friend acted as mentor, and over the next many months, working to answer several key questions and conducting “seismic testing,” Bob realized he had marked out a journey into his life’s second half.

By 1995 Bob’s path had codified into a philosophy about experience, knowing oneself, God, life significance and the astounding possibilities of life after “success.” He told his story in the book Halftime (nearing one million sold). This led, in 1997, to his founding the Halftime Institute for marketplace leaders wanting to do what he did: channel first-half achievements into an even better second half.

The Barnabas Group | Halftime

Location: Dallas, TX
Contact: Rhonda Kehlbeck
Website: http://www.halftime.org