Wheatstone Academy


One mission, three ministries. Wheatstone serves you in three big ways, for a comprehensive approach to Christian adulthood. Christian leaders face big challenges. We struggle to help youth retain faith through their twenties. At Wheatstone, we think the source of those challenges runs deep: youth lack transitions into Christian adulthood.

We’re here to help. Wheatstone offers a hopeful and practical vision for youth ministry. We empower churches and schools. We’re a young nonprofit out to spark church-led, youth-focused renewal.

Wheatstone Academy

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: Rebecca Fort
Telephone: 866-960-1027
Website: http://www.wheatstoneacademy.com

Wheatstone Academy videos at:

2009 Los Angeles Conference Video  –  http://vimeo.com/6611770
2009 Houston Conference Video  –  http://vimeo.com/6616507