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Testimonials from ministries helped by The Barnabas Group

Visual Story

The Barnabas Group has been an encouragement and strategic partner. The strategic thinking exercise with a small team from Barnabas was influential in our transition towards thinking about providing services that generate revenue. Mission Media U is successful example of this in practice. 450 Christian field workers have paid for our five-week courses in media, story and innovation.

Back 2 Back Ministries

Church United

Elam Ministries

Fish for Life

Plur Life Ministries

Oak Valley College

Free Wheel Chair Mission

Hope International

Glad Tidings India

Hope Learning Center

North Orange County Young Lives



Heritage Christian College

Surge Soccer

New Covenant Missions

Christian Leadership Alliance

The WhoSoEvers


Go Fund

Child Hope International

Nightlight Christian Adoptions

The last time I was at the Barnabas Group I sat next to someone who turned out to be a very important referral source. What seemed like a random decision to sit next to each other became a vital conversation. – Daniel Nehrbass

Project Generation

We’ve been so grateful for the seminars and webinars about caring for donors and grant writing! – Kayla Tychsen

The Last Evangelist

Children of the Nations

Over the past few years, we have had an increased interest and support from many Barnabas partners. It has been exciting to see them both travel with us, volunteer, sponsor and invest in what we are doing in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Malawi, Uganda and Sierra Leone. – Eric Nachtrieb

Young Life: Impacting Hearts

Barnabas has been a huge blessing to our ministry. The SWOT process helped us to narrow our focus and serve with excellence. The two times we have presented at Barnabas has provided volunteers, prayer partners, board members and financial support. The free ministry seminars have provided invaluable training, including communicating our mission to any audience in any length of time. Finally, the Shark Tank experience has provided an opportunity for us to replicate our ministry in other cities around the country! Thank you Barnabas! – Jay Panther

Freedom Challenge

We want to thank the Barnabas Group for giving the Freedom Challenge exposure early on and for the generous advice from business leaders. We would love to continue partnering with Barnabas Group leaders/members in the areas of digital marketing, influential growth and fundraising advice. – Karis Williams

Jesus Film

AliAli Eastburn

I left The Barnabas Group meeting inspired and ready to move forward with our mission to reach teenagers for Jesus through radical generosity. Your wisdom and expertise helped us move past what we thought were obstacles. It will be exciting to see how God opens up this new territory for us. (March 26, 2014)

Ali Eastburn
With This Ring

Aszia Walker

Thank YOU for hosting pureHOPE at The Barnabas Group!

I was personally encouraged by Kingdom ministry I was able to witness and by the interactions I was able to have at my tables in San Diego and in Orange County. I am very impressed with everything The Barnabas Group represents. I love that it is family oriented and spouses are invited to join together under one partnership… I love that there was adequate time to interact with people… I love the food… I especially love how much light TBG brings to each of its partners!

Everyone I spoke with said that they are a part of TBG because they get to spend time with other Christians who are truly “awake” — we have a lot of sleepers in the church (especially when earthly riches abound) and it’s easy to ignore this hurting world but everyone at TBG is wide-eyed and you can tell how precious that community is to them! Thanks again for all y’all do to advance the Kingdom and exalt Christ!


Aszia Walker | pureHOPE
Discipleship + Outreach Director

Jon Ramsay

Just wanted to drop a line and express my gratitude for being apart of the Barnabas group event.

The OC event was especially fun because I knew many of the people in the room from my time at Mariners church or through other ministry contexts. It’s as if you hold a friends & family reunion every quarter!

I also love the healthy “club” vibe that is centered around advancing God’s Kingdom. Engagement is very high and I could feel it. Thanks so much for providing such a meaningful and well designed couple of days. The relationships you are helping create are invaluable to the Kingdom.

Karen Covell

At the last Barnabas Group event in Orange County the Hollywood Prayer Network was invited to have a table to present our ministry to the attendees. I chose a table that happened to be next to another presenting ministry – Alpha. Sam and I looked at one another and realized we were friends who hadn’t seen one another for quite a few years. We talked and I told him about an Alpha group on the Disney Studios lot! He knew it had started and as we talked I suggested that we meet again and try to start Alpha groups on other Hollywood Studio Lots.

Because of our connection that day we now have an active Alpha group on the Warner Bros. lot and we’re talking to people on two other studio lots who are hoping to start an Alpha group! I am so grateful to Barnabas for giving us that connection in order to make a more significant spiritual impact on the people in the Hollywood Entertainment Industry – the world’s most influential mission field. Thank you!

Levi Dominguez

In September of 2013, Teen Challenge held their annual Back 2 School Backpack Rally in Santa Ana. The Barnabas Group (“TBG”) came alongside Teen Challenge and together they were able to provide 250 backpacks with school supplies, school uniforms, street clothes, lunch and the good news of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! Over $5,000 was donated by TBG partners for the event, and many TBG partners volunteered at the rally.

Thanks and recognition goes to the TBG partners who led this entire project. A special thanks also goes to Jana and Todd Williams, the founders of Containers of Hope. It would not have been possible without their hard work and joyful participation. They were incredible, and blessed so many!

I cannot thank you enough for supporting the Teen Challenge annual Back 2 School Backpack Rally. Our event was a great success, and would not have been possible without you.
OC Teen Challenge Special Events Coordinator

Marcia Ball

We are so deeply grateful to each of you for honoring us with your presence yesterday when there were many other productive ways to have spent your time. It is impressive that you stop and leverage your talents to benefit the Kingdom by helping organizations like ours. It makes a big difference! We heard you affirm some viable opportunities before us. And we felt the warmth of your encouragement and open doors for asking for more assistance. Thank you for each of those things. There is deep, deep power in encouragement.” (July 9, 2014)

Co-founder Kerus Education Foundation

Peter Gross

Even if it hadn’t given exposure and great new relationships – which it did! –the Barnabas Group would have been invaluable to our small nonprofit for its rigorous vetting process, its hours of free consultation, and its presentation advice leading up to the event.

We couldn’t have paid for such high quality consulting on our own, but the generosity of Barnabas Group partners made it possible. And all this was before we had a single moment on the stage! Thanks, Barnabas Group, for investing in the future of ministry.

Sarah Vienna Berchtold

It was a wonderful opportunity for us to share at the San Diego and Orange County meetings in August. The sincerity of the Barnabas Group partners wanting to help really touched our hearts. We are praying that the information that was shared about Firm Foundations Romania’s projects will not be forgotten. Even though we are a small ministry, we have big hearts and big goals. Sarah Berchtold will be returning to southern California in late January after recording her second album which will be released at the end of February and would be eager to meet with those who are interested in helping Firm Foundations Romania reach its goals. 2013 has been a wonderful year, and we know that 2014 will be one of our best years yet to come. We ask for your continued prayers for our projects and volunteer staff.

Firm Foundations Romania Team

Key Points

  • Christ is the catalyst for all good things
  • God’s call is the leading indicator and deciding factor for investing our unique time, talents and networks.
  • We collaborate to chiefly help ministries raise vision, not funding
  • We prepare a place for powerful encounters between promising nonprofits, proven leaders and the holy Spirit
  • We meet nonprofit challenges with business perspective to advance Kingdom work.
  • We seek to activate the latent talent of Christian professionals to unlock the latent potential of emerging ministries.