Why Join?

San Diego Barnabas Group

We are the only collaboration of leaders dedicated to maximizing ministry potential by matching nonprofit challenges with business perspective to advance Kingdom work.

Do these attributes describe you? If so, you were meant to be in The Barnabas Group.

  • A faithful and imperfect follower of Christ
  • Leaders/influencers
  • Successful/proven
  • Equipped with marketable skills
  • Level of capacity (time and financial)
  • Desire to serve
  • Faithful steward
  • Self-aware and self-confident
  • Busy, yet focused
  • Energized by maximizing opportunity

The Barnabas Group is not a platform for fundraising, but a platform for raising the vision of local, national and international emerging ministries.

We are uniquely positioned to facilitate encounters between promising nonprofits, proven Leaders and the Holy Spirit.

Ready to Join?