Why the Barnabas Group?

What it means to be part

We are the only collaboration of leaders dedicated to maximizing ministry potential by meeting nonprofit challenges with business perspectives to advance Kingdom work.

Leveraging Business Acumen
Maximizing Ministry Potential

Christ is the catalyst of all good things.

Without Christ, we can only spin our wheels in trying to serve others well.  By keeping Christ at the center of our vision and purpose, we maintain focus on the source of all hope, peace and joy, knowing that it is Christ and His sacrifice that changes hearts, not us.

We collaborate to chiefly help ministries raise vision, not funds.

The Barnabas Group does not ask our partners to hand over their wallets to ministries with whom we connect them.  We thoughtfully choose ministries with a promising vision and trustworthy practices and have them prepare a presentation that communicates a specific need or challenge they think could be served well by our partners’ insight.  This allows our partners to invest their unique skills, talent and time to help build the Kingdom of God rather than simply writing checks.

God’s call is the leading indicator and deciding factor for investing our unique time, talents and networks.

Though we work to follow the Spirit’s leading and conduct due diligence to provide trustworthy and valuable ministries with whom partners can get involved, we believe in ultimately handing the reigns to God when it comes to matching opportunities with individuals.  We encourage partners to let God lead them in deciding whether or not to get involved with a specific organization and if it aligns with his or her personal calling.

We prepare a place for transformational encounters between promising nonprofits, proven leaders and the Holy Spirit.

We understand that we only provide a platform for meaningful connections.  The rest is up to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. We don’t expect partners to get involved with every ministry we present.  In fact, we want our partners to put their valuable skills and talents to use helping face a challenge they feel specifically compelled by God to pursue.  These experiences lead to powerful encounters between nonprofits and proven leaders that ultimately expand the Kingdom impact of both parties exponentially.

We meet nonprofit challenges with business perspective to advance Kingdom work.

The relationships sparked within The Barnabas Group between our partners and ministries enable experienced leaders to live out their faith by using their God-given gifts to His glory and help ministries overcome challenges preventing them from moving forward.  We’re also intentional with how we determine the opportunities presented to our partners, strategically vetting each ministry for responsible practices and impactful work and whether its challenges could be well addressed by leaders in our group.

We seek to activate the latent talent of Christian professionals to unlock the latent potential of emerging ministries.

Many experienced, Christ-following leaders in the professional work desire to use their talents and skills to benefit the Kingdom, but they don’t have the time to research organizations or uncover unique opportunities that could benefit fro their expertise.  Meanwhile, up-and-coming nonprofits with strong visions and valuable work often face hurdles in their business they struggle to overcome, which holds them back in their ministry.  The Barnabas Group brings together these two groups of people to not only open up a new world of service opportunities to business leaders, but remove the obstacles standing in the way of the impact these ministries can have for the Kingdom.